Best Jobs to Consider in Ottawa

Over a third of polled Canadians stated that they'd be more than willing to move for their next job if they found one that was a good fit. Ottawa is excited to offer everyone a chance to find the perfect job and move to the nation's capital.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing your dreams, or you’re not really sure what you want to do: here’s everything you need to know about the top jobs in the city.

Why Ottawa

As the nation’s capital, Ottawa offers a chance at success and excitement like none other. If you thrive in any role in this city, there’s plenty of room for upward growth, and the pay here is good enough that anyone can make it work for their budget.

On top of this, since it's just hours away from Toronto, yet far cheaper, if you eventually wanted to move to Hog Town and couldn't afford it yet, it's more cost-effective to live in Ottawa and build up your career before moving into a better position.

Health Care

Healthcare jobs are one of the top positions anyone should go for in Ottawa. This was the largest sector to increase during the pandemic (for obvious reasons) and is still struggling to recover workers. Not only does nearly every job in the health industry pay well, but you can also expect perks and the ability to rise in the ranks to a better position over time.

This is a great industry for anyone who's detail-oriented, a fast thinker, and is ready to be put to the test.


Education is vital to every industry, so getting hired in this type of role means that you'll help shape the future of countless generations. Going into this industry doesn't necessarily mean that you'll have to be a teacher; schools also need administrators, principals, nurses, and counselors on board in order to run smoothly.

Many in this industry say that they faced burnout very early on in this job, so it's important that if you're looking for Ottawa homes for sale to move here for this position: it’s something you’ll be able to do long-term.


The tech industry is the second-fastest growing industry in Ottawa right now, and a large part of that is the fact that this is a great place to be a startup, and a tech startup is easier to do without having a physical location for your business.

Although it’s incredible to start your own business: remember that you'll have to have a lot of upfront capital in order to do that. It could be a better choice to cut your teeth with a different company, and then as you learn the ranks start your own business on the side. Avoid working for any company with a non-compete contract or that will expect you to sign all of your ideas off to them since this could hurt your chances of running a business in the future.
This Capital City Should Be Your Next Home

If you're considering where to move to ensure you get the most out of place, it's a good idea to consider Ottawa! This amazing city has something for everyone and is the best place to find a job that will interest you.

item Best Jobs to Consider in Ottawa
Best Jobs to Consider in Ottawa
Over a third of polled Canadians stated that they'd be more than willing to move for their next job if they found one that was a good fit. Ottawa is e
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